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Newborn Hearing Test


Deafness represents one of the main problems at birth and disability in children.

The incidence is 1 to 3 newborn babies per 1,000 and 6 to 7 children per 1,000 who have permanent hearing loss identified in early infancy.

The first days of your newborn


So baby has finally arrived, and as you have undoubtedly read and heard, baby's instinct is to suck at your breast to feed directly, and it happens! But breastfeeding isn't easy, and not everything happens correctly for some moms: at first, only a few drops of milk will come out, and your baby will constantly suck from your breast, but baby never seems to be full! For some moms, breastfeeding can be very painful, or baby can't latch on properly.

But don't worry, mom, you can do it! In this article, how to take on breastfeeding in the first few days

Breastmilk Composition


If you are the mother of a baby or young child, you have undoubtedly heard many comments about breast milk and all the great benefits for your child. This time we will talk about the composition of breast milk.

Breastfeeding on Demand


Breastfeeding isn't something you should time; babies request it, which means an on-demand feeding schedule. In this article, we explain what on-demand means.

Mom is not a pacifier, nor does she run out of milk


It's surprising how many unnecessary comments moms are bombarded with, especially first-time mothers, that prompts them to stop breastfeeding. "When you were a baby, I gave you a bottle, and with that, you slept the whole night" "Are you going to take out your breast again? "That child has made you his pacifier! "And if we add to the above the mother's doubts, it is difficult not to fall into these traps that suspend breastfeeding.

Milk Bank


In today's world, it is expected that after having your child, you have to return to work, and it is generally at this time that formula ceases to be the primary sustenance, and formula becomes much more convenient. However, there is a way in which you can keep using your milk to feed your baby by growing your very own "Milk Bank".

How to store breastmilk


Having created your Milk Bank (see our blog "Milk Bank"), it is essential that you know how to handle and manipulate milk for your baby's consumption.