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Vaccinations. The immune system shield


We live with harmful agents daily, naturally present in our environment. The body has defenses to prevent the entry of these pathogens.

However, if a pathogen manages to find its way and infect the body, one of the most robust and wonderful systems is activated, i.e. the immune system, whose goal is unique and simple: identify, attack and destroy the harmful agents present in the body.

Young Mind in a Healthy Body


With time we expect our body to degenerate since this is the natural course of life, and this is also something that happens to our brain. Some neurons suffer degeneration, and some functions like memory and information processing can be altered.

.What are Chalazions, and Styes?


These nodules are located in the eyelid; they appear when glands are blocked, secretions accumulate, and generate inflammation with or without infection.

Decoding Headaches


We have all had a headache at one point or another; maybe during the day, you suddenly start with a little ache that ends up being really painful.

Breaking Taboos: Erectile Dysfunction


Today I would like to talk to you about this widespread problem, with so many variables and misunderstandings, so that I can clarify the focus of this ailment and how we need to work as a physician-patient team. 

"Surfer’s Eye" or Pterygium


Have you ever noticed in yourself or another person a fleshy part that grows in the white part of the eye?

If the answer is yes, it is probably a pterygium or commonly known as "Surfer's eye."

The magic of Otorhinolaryngology


An O-to-rhi-no-la-ryn-go-lo-gist is a specialist who focuses on alterations of the ear, nose, and throat. These three organs that we use continuously are fascinating:

Endoscopy: Purpose and Procedures


Endoscopy is an ambulatory procedure that allows the medical team to observe the interior of a specific cavity of the human body through tubular equipment that is easy to manipulate, called an endoscope. 

Why I should visit an Urologist?


Urology is the specialty that deals with all urinary tract pathologies, in both men and women, besides addressing the male reproductive system. Everyone believes that Urologists are the Gynecologists of men, but this is far from the truth since they take care of every disease of the urinary tract.

International Virtual Summit for cardiology topics and cardiovascular intervention amid COVID-19 Pandemic COMECIT


¡Te invitamos a la Cumbre Internacional Virtual de temas de Cardiología e Intervención Cardiovascular en el contexto de la Pandemia de COVID-19 !