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Tulum the Mayan Walled City which since 2008 has been the seat of the municipality of Tulum, is located in the State of Quintana Roo and is a tipping and important spot of the Mayan Riviera tourism corridor.

It is internationally known for its picture of the Mayan archaeological ruins standing on a cliff at the shores of the Caribbean Sea and in 1987 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. This city has much to offer those who are eager to find a cultural and alternative city. 

Tulum is a city of contrasts; with all water and extreme activities and at the same time has a cultural and relaxed life, focused on finding balance in everyday life.

Costamed Tulum Hospital was inaugurated in 2015 offering medical services in the area, and as the only private hospital in the city.  Since 2018 we have been recipients of the Canadian Healthcare Council certification and are currently working to shortly be certified by the General Health Board.

On the business side, Costamed Tulum Hospital has entered into different agreements with companies in the area to offer preferential price services both to employees as well as to clients.

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Contact Information

Address: Address: 3rd. Street South unnumbered, lot 8, Villa Tulum 77760, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico




International Contact:

Hospital: 011.52.984 124.0830

Call Center: 800.900.1133

Toll Free  U.S.: 855.301.4111

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