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Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is the oldest and most important natural port of Quintana Roo, located between Cancun and Tulum, forming part of the “Riviera Maya” tourism corridor. In 2011 it became an independent municipality and Puerto Morelos debuted as a City while retaining part of its main activity’s personality as a fishing village. With its reef declared National park, it is part of the second largest reef barrier in the world, in addition to having the “Route of the Cenotes”, a set of underground rivers that enable exploring the underground secrets of the area. A city where anyone who wishes to leave the hustle and bustle of the cities behind may be able to relax and enjoy the  peace.

In 2018 Costamed Puerto Morelos Hospital opened offering private and public medical services as the only hospital in the city. With this being said, we reassert our commitment to Puerto Morelos’ inhabitants by bringing all the medical care that the area requires, as we are formally organized as a hospital beyond any office or clinic. In this sense it is also important to emphasize that we are the only place offering X-ray services in town. 

Thanks to the work done at Costamed Puerto Morelos Hospital it will shortly be recompensed with Certifications by the General Health Board and the Canadian Healthcare Council.

On the business side, Costamed Puerto Morelos Hospital has entered into different agreements with companies in the area to offer preferential price services both to employees as well as to clients.

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