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Schedule your appointment. Covid-19 Tests

At Costamed Medical Group, we have the following COVID-19 detection tests for you; there are three types:


  • Rapid Blood Test: Blood Test (IgG/IgM)
  • Rapid Antigen test. 
  • PCR test(Polymerase chain reaction). Genetic material testing 


  • The test must be scheduled by an appointment
  • These tests have been authorized in accordance with the statement emitted by the COFEPRIS on 18/05/2020.
    Restrictions Apply
  • According to the WHO recommendations, the ideal moment for the PCR test is 24-48 hrs after contact. 
  • Limited supply, appointment necessary. 
  • We offer  at-home test service as well as Medical Appointments for interpretations. Ask for them when scheduling your appontment.
  • At-home tests are done from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and delivery is by e-mail,.
  • Prices subjected to change without further notice
  • For the PCR test, it is necessary to submit the epidemiological form, filled in with the patient's data. Request it upon arrival.

You can schedule your appointment here

Call Center. 800.900.1133

Cozumel. 987.872.9400

Tulum: 984.124.0830

Playa del Carmen: 984.803.7777

Puerto Morelos998.500.2505

Cancún: 998.561.0309



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  • Price: from  $ 1,650 MXN
  • Price: from  $ 550MXN
  • Travel Approved Covid Test: Antigen test results are stored in a QR code and are personal and non-transferable


Fast Guide

Do not forget to consult the detail section of the types of tests for detection of COVID-19

To know which test is more convenient for you, see the following table:

Incubation period

Time passed between contact and development of the first symptoms (from 3 to 15 days, an average of 7 days)

Suggested test: PCR test

Why?: In the early phases, it is unusual to develop symptoms, because there is still no defense system in the body, this is why the best test is the one that identifies the genetic material of the virus.

Who is it recommended for?: People who are highly exposed to COVID-19


The patient presented symptoms compatible for COVID-19.

Suggested test: Rapid Antigen Test or Rapid Blood Test 

Why?: If there are symptoms pertaining to the COVID-19 virus, the rapid test is recommended since a fever, and other symptoms suggest that our body is already responding to the virus's attack. Also, in this period, you can identify fully the virus with the Rapid Antigen test in a very fast way

Who is it recommended for?: People who present symptoms compatible with COVID-19.

Learn about the symptoms by taking this test.



I am under suspicion of being infected but have no symptoms.

Suggested test: PCR test

Why?: If there are no symptoms, there are three options: you can be in the first phase of the virus, in this case, we can do the PCR test. You can be asymptomatic with an active infection, in which case a PCR test can detect it as well as an extended test, thanks to the complementary studies. You can also have had the disease without symptoms, and with the extended test, you can identify (IgG) memory antibodies.

Who is it recommended for?: People who aren't sure if they have been infected with COVID-19.

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