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Dr. Rafael Maciel Morfin


  • Area of Expertise : Spine and Neurotrauma surgery
  • General Practice License : 3260430
  • University attended : National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Specialization License : 4991249
  • University attended : National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Board Certification : Mexican Board of Neurological Surgery, Mexican Association of Spine Surgeons
  • Courses, workshops, Diplomas, Congresses and Attendances : XVIII Symposium for neuromonitoring and treatment for the neurocritical patient 2018, Symposium on cerebral/vascular disease management 2016, Advanced course for Lumbar Spine Endoscopic Surgery, 2015. Motion Preservation, Adult Scoliosis Management & MIS Course 2014. Minimally invasive Neuroendoscopy. Jho Institute for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery, Pittsburgh, EU. June to August 2006. Functional neurosurgery and minimally invasive surgery University Hospital in Vienna, Austria. (AKH)August to October 2005., Pediatric Neurosurgery. National institute of pediatrics. May to July 2005, Neuropathology. Century XXI, IMSS, National Medical Center. October to November 2004, Neurotrauma. Central Mexican Red Cross Hospital, Polanco. March to May 2004, Neuroradiology. National institute for neurology and neurosurgery (INNN). June to July 2003.