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"That my to proceed conscious it is in my conscious or unconscious neighbor’s benefit"

Excerpt from the Anesthesiologist's Prayer

Anesthesiology is a specialty of medicine that takes care of patients during surgery or other surgical procedures, with actions focused on looking over patient’s life functions, besides minimizing the pain that such interventions could cause. By the same token, anesthesiology can support and intervene with treatments for acute or chronic pain due to extra-surgical causes such as treatments for Cancer patients.

During surgeries, the Anesthesiologist is responsible for patient's consciousness and sensitivity, and for keeping the patient within normal scopes of temperature, blood pressure, breathing besides watching that organs such as kidneys, lungs and heart are working properly.

For better performance of their fields, all surgical specialties rely on Anesthesiology. Prior to the development of this specialty, surgical interventions had high mortality risks and used unorthodox methods to lessen pain (usually alcohol was administered to the patient to decrease patient’s awareness).

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