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“Not all superheroes wear capes, some wearer white coats and heal children.”

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Pediatrics is the medical specialty that focuses on medical knowledge to guarantee children's health through the prevention of diseases oriented to adequate nutrition, growth and developmental vigilance, and maintaining and procuring the emotional equilibrium of the child.

This specialty deals with the child more than the organ or system of the body. Children receive special treatment through each developmental phase of their growth.

We consider children from age 0 to 18 with the following age ranges:




From 0 to 6 days


From 7 to 29 days

Infant Minor

From 1 to 12 months

Older Infant

From 1 to 2 years


From 2 to 5 years


From 6 to 10 years


From 11 to 12 years


From 12 to 18 years

During the first two stages of life (newborn, neonate, and infant minor), growth is especially significant, and so is the baby's correct feeding. By following the recommendations of the WHO, maternal lactation should be the only feeding source for the baby during the first six months. After that, it should be combined with complementary feeding until two years of life.

Throughout the world, many customs can harm a child's health. For example, home remedies in the first years of life are the primary culprits for adverse reactions that have parents seeking pediatric consultations.  It is highly essential to have the support of a pediatrician throughout a child's growth. The first labs and screenings are just as crucial as the amplified neonate screening to provide a complete and early medical history of the child and bring a better medical assessment.

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