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“When you treat a disease, first treat the mind .”

Chen Jen

Psychology is a science that studies human behavior and everything related to its experience with its internal and external appearance: the way we think, feel, act and relate to people and the environment.

This specialty has a great multi-perspective quality as it has different approaches or currents in which each has its own concepts and methodologies, allowing to address a specific experience to be approached with different visions. Broadly speaking, there are 5 main approaches:

  • Behavioral approach – It analyzes the behavior functionally, that is to record the behavior of the patient in the context of his/her daily life. Then, a program of re-learning procedures is designed with the patient according to his/her needs, specifically aimed at modifying, reducing or eliminating the symptoms.
  • Cognitive approach – A cognitive restructuring technique is used, where the most superficial thoughts that the person has, called automatic thoughts, are first approached, then focus on the revision and modification of less conscious patterns and beliefs that mark his/her style of interpretation of reality, generating with it new forms of sense of experience that do not cause discomfort.
  • Psychoanalytic approach - Therapeutic method based on a deep analysis of the unconscious that explores how unconscious factors affect current relationships and patterns of thought, emotion and behavior.
  • Existentialist / humanistic approach – Process in which the therapist seeks a way to be skillfully with the client in the here and now, in such a way that it facilitates organic contact with the environment, self-awareness, maturation and autonomy.
  • Systemic approach - Particularly aimed at couples and families and has as its main objective to establish different types of changes in the rules governing the functioning of the group, with the aim of generating changes in its members.

There is no psychological approach that is better or worse than another, there are simply approaches that are better suited to some people and others that are not, and every psychologist must identify which one is appropriate for each patient to ensure the success of therapy.

Today, Psychology is one of the specialties most consulted by patients of all ages, seeking support to understand their actions and be able to find an orientation towards the situations they are experiencing. Generally, in this specialty and depending on each patient, therapy is determined. When a person decides or is encouraged to go to therapy, the healthcare professional asks the initial question: What is the reason for the consultation? And this is where the patient begins to express his/her discomfort, places his/her trust in the presence of a stranger in the hope of finding a solution to their problems. This is a crucial moment that will determine the success of any therapy.

 Psychotherapy is an exclusive space for the patient, to attend to what happens in his life, what is not going well or what has become complicated. It is recommended to go to psychological therapy when there is a problem that exceeds the capabilities of the person to solve it.

The psychologist will accompany you and guide you at all times in finding mental health, that is emotional, psychological and social well-being; through a set of techniques, tools, analysis, understanding and intervention; allowing us to face personal difficulties that overwhelm and weaken, find a way out and to free ourselves from unnecessary discomfort and thus be able to have a more satisfying life.

Among its benefits are:

  • Solve psychological disorders
  • Feeling better
  • Learn to resolve conflicts
  • Change maladaptive beliefs for more functional ones
  • Live in harmony with oneself and with others
  • Personal growth
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional advice
  • Empowerment
  • Changes in the brain

Therapy is for everyone, there is therapy:

  • Individual
  • As a couple
  • For Children
  • For Teens
  • Family
  • Sexual
  • Group

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