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"The first condition for peace is the will to achieve it."

Juan Luis Vives.

Psychiatry is a medical specialty dedicated to the study and treatment of mental disorders of neurological origin to evaluate, diagnose, and treat people who suffer from them, ensuring the adaptation and autonomy of said people in their environment.

This specialty is used to heal the mind; treatment is usually provided from the human perspective with support in psychotherapy and medication management, and other types of therapy, such as transcranial stimulation.

Unlike Psychology, a Psychiatrist is a General Physician who later studies a specialty to treat psychiatric cases. A psychiatrist will treat patients either physiologically or biochemically to correct the condition that is causing the variation in a person's behavior. Therefore psychotherapy is a critical aspect within a well-rounded psychiatric therapy. 

Today, the WHO (world health organization) has included within its concept of Mental Health not only the absence of a psychiatric illness but also the conception of a state of well-being in which the person is aware of their abilities, so that they can cope with the normal stress of life, and can work productively and fruitfully and be able to contribute to their community. For ailments considered common such as anxiety, anger, or depression, it is essential to contemplate going to the psychiatrist to obtain a broader picture of our mental health.

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