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Urology is the specialty responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of all urinary diseases. These urinary diseases include kidneys, ureters, the bladder, the urethra, and kidney glands for both men and women. Urology also takes care of the diagnosis and treatment of the male reproductive system. This system includes the prostate, seminal pathways, scrotum, testicles, epididymis, and penis.

When we talk about Urology, there is a tendency to think that it is a specialty focused on men. However, the urologist can also attend female patients, especially when there are problems with the urinary system, either bleeding, incontinency, retention, infections or stones, and cancers. 

For the urologist, it is a challenge tending to patients, since for this specialty, patients will only visit the doctor once the disease has gotten out of hand. This lack of urgency in seeing the physician comes from not knowing what the urologist does, and the social stigma and prejudice men feel. 

It’s essential that from specific age ranges, regular appointments are scheduled to avoid problems and to detect early symptom, it is crucial to consider these three phases:

  • After birth: an anatomic assessment is made to check the adequate function of the urinary and genital system.
  • Before puberty (12 years of age): There are hormonal changes during this phase, it’s essential to check that everything is within the normal range
  • At 18 years of age: The adequate maturation of the whole system is checked. At this age, the urologist will tell you how to self-assess your urinary health. 
  • From the age of 40: At this age, it is recommended to perform an annual check-up to verify that the reproductive system is working correctly.

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