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Costamed Pain Control Center

Our Costamed Pain Control Center provides a wide range of services for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team of pain experts, we offer the most advanced treatment options available today, all in a supportive and compassionate environment.

Throughout the duration of your treatment, we will stay in contact with your physician to keep you informed of your progress.

Meet the doctors who run our Pain Control Center:

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Pain is a complex medical problem that can have profound effects on people's physical and mental well-being. Our goal is to help you decrease the level of pain and discomfort, bring you back to your maximum level of function and well-being, help you restore your quality of life. Your doctor may contact our Pain Control Center for evaluation, and prescribe specific treatment or to continue with a treatment.

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Individualized treatment plan

The treatment plan developed by our team is specially designed for your condition and degree of pain, personal needs, and goals. The plan may include a unique approach or a combination of different types of therapies: medical therapies, which include both medications and special procedures; psychological therapies; and rehabilitation therapies.

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Duration of care

The duration of the treatment plan varies from patient to patient depending on the complexity of the condition and the combination of the prescribed treatments.

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Treatment options

  •     Injections of epidural steroids
  •     Occipital nerve block
  •     Placement of the programmable intrathecal pump
  •     Hypogastric plexus block
  •     Temporary Epidural Catheter
  •     Placement of the intrathecal catheter
  •     Gasser ganglionic block
  •     Implanted epidural portal
  •     Intravenous infusion of lidocaine.
  •     Brachial plexus block
  •     Psychological therapy
  •     Spinal cord stimulation.
  •     Physical therapy
  •     Medicinal products
  •     Peripheral nerve block
  •     Occupational therapy

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Dental Surgery

We have the equipment to practically perform any dental surgery; from simple extractions to third molar (wisdom tooth) extractions, as well as reconstruction of the oral cavity due to trauma. Our dentists have a vast experience performing all types of oral surgery.

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