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At Costamed Medical Group, we know that your health is a priority. As the most extensive Hospital net in the state, it is our commitment to provide top-notch services. We are adapting to this new reality together for your safety and that of your family.

Today we present our "SAFE HOSPITAL" program in which we enforce all the procedures and protocols of our Hospitals, as well as implementing preventive actions and infection control. Our commitment is to ensure the health of our staff, our medical personnel, and our patients.

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First Line attention protocol

We will take your temperature and give you alcohol-based antibacterial gel at the entrance of the hospital. Staff will signal you to a special alcohol-infused sponge to clean your shoes from any pathogens you might have picked up outside.

In each of our hospitals, you will see signals to keep a healthy distance from others.

Our staff will always use personal protective equipment such as a mouth cover and antibacterial gel for safe interactions.

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Suspicious or Confirmed Case Attention Protocol.

In compliance with the measures proposed by the National Institute for Diagnosis and Epidemiological Reference (InDRE per the acronym in Spanish), we will always take your vital signs along with some questions that will help us know if you could have the COVID-19 virus. We will take care of all suspicious cases in our Special Units for Respiratory Infections that are isolated from the rest of the hospital.

In case a person fulfills the definition for a suspicious case, they will be directed by our Special Unit for Respiratory Infections staff to the designated isolation area.

In these units, we have strict access control to all people who enter:

  • There are strict protocols for dressing and undressing to access to these zones by avoiding contamination to the exterior.
  • The use of complete personal equipment protection is mandatory
  • According to symptoms, there is a continuous and updated treatment for each patient. We will always send patients with specific homecare guidelines when patients can remain at home

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Medical Attention Protocol

The rest of our patients who require medical attention not pertaining to the pandemic can be sure that they will be treated by staff who have no contact with COVID-19 cases so that you and your family can feel safe.

All consultation rooms are disinfected before and after each new patient.

Our operating rooms maintain the same temperature and comply with exhaustive cleanings and first-level instruments adequately sanitized, as well as surgeons who are fully equipped for any surgery.

We always have the newest technology, such as our new Telemedicine service “Your physician at home” that provides medical attention from the comfort of your home. You can access all specialties in this program by clicking here.

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Who classifies as a suspicious case for positive COVID-19?

In line with the National System for Epidemiological Surveillance (SINAVE per the acronym in Spanish) a case is considered suspicious when:

A person of any age that in the last seven days has presented at least two of the following symptoms: cough, fever, and headache* In children under the age of 5, irritability can substitute a headache.

Along with at least one of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty breathing (this is a severe symptom)
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Ache or burning of the throat
  • Congested Nose
  • Swelling and redness of the eyes, accompanied by pain.
  • Chest Pain (Thorax)

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Personal Protection Equipment

Considering the interactions with patients, we use:

  • N95 face masks,
  • Plastic masks
  • Googles,
  • Disposable surgical robes,
  • Surgical uniforms
  • Latex Gloves
  • Thick Gloves
  • Disposable caps
  • Disposable Boots
  • Tyvek Suits
  • Mouth covers
  • Overall or full-body clothing

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This program manages 3 main protocols:

  • First Line attention protocol.
    • Control Measures
    • Health and Cleanliness measures.
    • Signaling
  • Protocol for Suspicious or Confirmed Cases.
    • Respiratory Disease Attention Unit.
    • Identification
    • Isolation
    • Hygiene and Cleanliness
  • Protocol for Medical Attention
    • Consultation
    • Vital Sign
    • Surgery
    • Hygiene and Cleanliness

Our hospitals are classified into four different isolation zones:

  • Green Zone:

Spaces where there are no COVID-19 confirmed or suspicious patients, the staff in this area have no contact whatsoever with COVID-19 confirmed or suspected cases, nor do they participate in risky activities.

  • Yellow Zone:

Space where patients are assessed for consultation as suspicious COVID-19 cases or where there is transit for staff who tend to these cases.

  • Orange Zone:

Space before entering rooms with COVID-19 suspicious or confirmed cases, this space is isolated from all other zones.

  • Red Zone:

Space where there are COVID-19 suspicious or confirmed cases (patient room), or the area where the test for COVID-19 is taken.

For every zone, there are specific guidelines for personal protective equipment, hygiene and cleanliness measures, and restricted access.

In respect to hygiene and cleanliness, it is the most critical aspect of our protocols; we prioritize the cleanliness of all areas, surfaces, and equipment in consideration to each zone.

Our staff uses all personal protective equipment and medical grade products to clean all areas.

Aligned with our mission of preserving and establishing the well-being of our patients, we have created a Safety Committee in each unit as well as a Corporate Committee, ready to adapt to any changes that this new reality entails.

Our vocation drives us to prevail, at Costamed Medical Group we are always ready to serve you as you deserve.

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