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Patient's Guide

Our Patient Services Department is available for the convenience of our patients as well as of their families’ and accompanying persons. It works as a liaison providing support in any administrative formality, whether at the Hospital, assistance and travel companies, insurance companies and/or immigration and logistic 

Our Patient Services’ staff go above and beyond to ensure that our patients have the perfect experience. The Department is committed to provide comfortable accommodations and personal care for our patients.

Throughout their stay, international patients and their families and/or accompanying persons will be attended by our bilingual international advisers (Spanish-English.)

If you speak a language other than English or Spanish, a member of our Patient Services Department can get an Interpreter for you. Some of the services offered by the Costamed's Patient Services Department, include:

  • Directing to a doctor and appointments
  • Coordination of Emergency and Elective Healthcare
  • Repatriation of bodily remains worldwide (exclusively in Cozumel)
  • Reservations for hotels or apartments
  • Flight reservations
  • Advice on costs’ estimates
  • Assistance with language Interpretation
  • Religious services arrangements
  • Insurance arrangements
  • Liaison with local Authorities and Consulates

You can contact Costamed 24/7 calling  855.301.4111. You can also write us to any of the following e mails:

Or info@costamed.com.mx for matters related to your or a family member’s stay.

 Planning and preparing your hospital stay are simple once you have learned what to do. This is why we have created a list to help you prepare and have a pleasant experience at any of our Costamed Hospitals.

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Hospital Admission

Check-in registration is available 24/7. Any patient who wishes to register can go to the front desk at the entrance hall on the day of admission. He/she only has to complete the admission documents and we will confirm registration at that time. 

Our staff will be glad to answer any question you may have while completing your registration form.

You will be asked for an admission deposit (based on the days estimated for your stay.)

The Patient Services Coordinator will inform the sum for the deposit. Click here for billing and information on your insurance.

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List of Documents

Please bring the following information with you to the Hospital on the day of your admission, your surgery, and/or for previous admission studies. This will help speed up your admission.

  • Complete list of all medications you currently take, either with or without prescription.
  • Medical reports your doctor gave you to bring over to the hospital.
  • If you pay via health insurance: Your health insurance information, including insurance cards, pre-certifications, and other documents required by your insurer. For more information, see our Insurers section.
  • Official photo identification issued by a government agency, such as license or passport.
  • Telephone number of close relatives to contact them if necessary.
  • Any pre-registration form previously completed.

If you decide to bring valuables with you, it is important that you register them with the cashier to be kept in a safe; you can have access to these if  you require them.

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  • When you come to the hospital, bring a list of all medications you currently take, with or without prescription, vitamins and dietary supplements.
  • Discuss with your Doctor and your treating nurse if you have any allergies, especially to medicines and food and/or other substances.

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What can you bring to the Hospital?

Taking into account the total days of your hospital stay, you may consider the following items:

1. Sandals.

2. Deodorant.

3. Brush or comb and hair ties (women).

4. Moisturizing cream.

5. Change of clothes for your departure from the hospital. (Consider comfortable clothing) .

6. Socks.

7. Cell phone charger.

Do not forget taking into account additional clothes for the person who will stay will you in the room.

  • The Hospital is not responsible for the loss or damage of your personal property, including hearing aids, lenses or dentures left in your room.

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Patient's Rights

  • Get adequate medical care. Costamed Medical Group only has professional and accredited medical staff providing the services and, therefore, the most current care available.
  • Get courteous and respectful treatment. Every patient and relatives, at all times, are given respectful treatment by the support and administrative staff from the moment of admission until the patient is discharged.
  • Receiving enough clear, timely and accurate information. Every patient receives a Hospitalization Guide with general information about their admission. Nevertheless, inpatients patients receive daily medical information from their attending physician as well as financial information from the Admissions staff. Emergency patients are constantly updated their status.
  • Freely decide about the care provided. 
  • Giving or not valid informed consent. All medical procedures carry risks; therefore, patients are clearly informed about these risks, are given a clear explanation of the procedure to be done, together with its benefits and possible alternatives (if any), so that the patient and/or his/her family members may have clear information in order to make decisions.
  • Discretion in your treatment. From the moment the patient is admitted, he/she has the support of the staff that provides guidance concerning privacy and the staff in general regards the decisions about those who are entitled to receive patient’s clinical information.
  • Provided assistance for a second opinion.Costamed Medical Group has a wide catalogue of accredited specialists from which the patient can choose if he/she wishes a second opinion. If the patient wants to contact an external doctor, the doctor will only be able to provide an opinion with the patient; however, we reserve the right of admission thereof concerning  procedures until the medical staff provide credentials and qualifications with the Medical Management and Human Resources.
  • Receive medical attention in case of an emergency. Within the facilities of e Costamed Hospitals Every patient in an emergency situation has the benefit of being treated until their general vitals are stabilized and the origin of the emergency is under control.
  • To have a clinical record. Every patient has a Clinical Record for Hospitalization as well as for Emergency, Outpatient Procedures and External Consult.
  • Be assisted when you are displeased with the medical care received. The Patient Services Area has the mechanisms to receive complaints or suggestions, in general, and follow up on them.

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Patient's Responsabilities

In addition, the following Patient Accountability Statement was drafted to show that mutual respect and cooperation are fundamental to provide quality medical care.

  • Provide, to your best knowledge, accurate and complete information about your current discomfort, past illnesses, hospitalizations, allergies, medications and other matters related to your health; and provide, at the time of admission, a copy of the Health Care Power-of-Attorney or other advance instructions, in case these documents are at hand.
  • Tell your doctor or nurse if you have recently taken vitamins, minerals, prescription and over-the-medications, dietary and nutritional supplements. By letting us know what you are taking, steps can be taken to avoid possible problems with medications and treatments you will be receiving during your stay at the Hospital.
  • Report to the healthcare staff any unexpected changes in your health conditions.
  • Inform if you have clearly understood the proposed course of action for your healthcare and what is expected of you.
  • Follow the treatment plan recommended by the team responsible of your healthcare. This group may include doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel conducting coordinated medical care, enforcement of your doctor's orders, and compliance with hospital rules and applicable regulations.
  • If you refuse treatment or do not follow the instructions of the healthcare staff, be responsible for your actions.
  • Observe hospital rules and regulations that affect patient care and behavior.
  • Be considerate of the rights of other patients and staff of the Hospital, particularly in terms of minimizing noise, not smoking, and ensuring the proper behavior of your visitors.
  • Be respectful of other people’s property.
  • Make sure you meet your financial obligations regarding healthcare as soon as possible.

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Preparing to Return Home

When your doctor has informed that you are ready to return home,  it will be time to manage your hospital discharge that entails two general procedures: the Medical Discharge and the Administrative Discharge.


Your nurses will plan your departure taking care of the appropriate health aspects depending  on the procedure that has been performed and according to the instructions indicated by the attending physician, known as the Discharge Plan. You will receive the Discharge Plan in writing, including medical care instructions from your attending physician.

You may not be discharged until all indications described in your Discharge Plan have been carried out and you agree to such treatment, or if your doctor believes that you are not yet ready to leave.  In both cases it is important to stress that these decisions will always be made prioritizing your safety and health.


As soon as your attending physician decides to discharge you and sign the discharge, we will  proceed to close your account, and once ready, two situations may occur:

  • If the account has been paid in full and/or there are no additional expenses, we will discharge you so you may proceed to rest at home.
  • If the account has an outstanding balance and/or additional expenses exist, you will be notified of the total that needs to be settled, and then the administrative discharge can take place.

All of our Costamed Medical Group Hospitals accept the most common payment methods including cash, credit and debit cards, bank transfers, traveler's checks. For more information,  you can click here. 

If the account is paid by an insurance, the time to close your administrative discharge will depend on each insurance company until the respective process with them can be completed. 

Our Patient Services Coordinator will handle you a Patient Satisfaction Survey with questions assessing our performance during your stay. Your opinion is of extreme relevance for us to as it helps us establish actions to make improvements for the benefit of our patients and their families; so,  we ask that you give us some of your time to complete and deliver it.

The invoice provided will reflect the services you have received at the Hospital during your stay as items.

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Important Observations

  • Costamed Hospitals’ check-out time is 12:00 hrs. If you leave after that time, and additional charge will apply equal to half a day's stay provided that you leave before 18:00 hrs. If you leave after that time, you will be charged the equivalent to a full day.
  • You are likely to be given separate bills for medical fees, as these are billed individually. You may also receive bills from doctors that you did not personally see, but who provided professional services related to diagnosis and/or interpretation the results of exams performed during your hospitalization.
  • If your procedure was performed by an external physician who does not work at Costamed Hospitals and who only made use of the operating and hospital rooms, you may receive separate bills for fees and/or services of said physicians. Any questions and/or inconveniences with such bills should be directly addressed to your doctor.
  • In case your stay was for the birth of your baby, at the time of your medical discharge you will receive a visit from the Pediatrician who will provide all the required legal documentation of your child, including the Birth Certificate.

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