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Payment Methods

In Costamed Medical Group Hospitals, we accept all standard payment methods, including:

  • Cash and Debit card
  • Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express
  • Bank transfers
  • Traveler’s checks 
  • PayPal

There is a mínimum amount of 600 pesos for a deferred payment plan of 6 months, and after 1,200 pesos we have a 12-month payment plan. 


The hospital bill will show all the services you received during your stay. You will likely get different invoices for physician fees since these are charged separately. You could also receive bills from physicians you didn't meet personally. These physicians gave their professional services concerning diagnosis or their interpretation of results during your stay.

Because this is a private medical facility, we require an admission deposit (based on an estimation time of your stay and any other services you may need). The department of admissions will speak with you regarding this deposit.

The fees on your bill are updated every day; therefore, the deposit can be adjusted at any moment accordingly.


If an insurance company covers your bill, you must provide a letter of guaranty and a copy of your identification or insurance card. If you exceed the fees of a pre-paid package, we will charge you according to the updated pricing list.

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  • We do not accept personal checks. 
  • Payments through Bank transfers take up to 48 hours.
  • All deferred payment plans, as well as participating credit and debit cards, are subject to change without warning.

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CESAREAN package

    Two nights stay 

    Comfortable and private room (cable tv and wifi)

    Nutritionally balanced meals for mom during her stay

    Sofa-bed for companion

    IV medication

    Epidural anesthesia

    Operating Room

    Recovery room

    Attention for healthy newborns

    Radiant-heat cradle

    Vitamin K administration

    Metabolic newborn screening

    Breastfeeding consultation and counseling with specialized nurses

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Important Notes

  • Maternity packages include healthy newborn fees: inputs, materials, and vitamins for the reception. Baby formulas, specialized equipment, laboratories, and other costs are not included.
  • Every package needs to be paid in full when the patient enters the hospital for the procedure.
  • All promotional packages cannot be paid through your insurance. If you wish to pay using your coverage, it is essential to solicit a quote. For more information, please click here.
  • This package does not include non-intravenous medication or any laboratory or other diagnostic tests (X-rays, CT scan, ultrasounds,  electrocardiogram)
  • Any additional treatments derived from complications are not part of these packages.
  • Pricing for these packages does not apply for other promotions if you are a beneficiary of a business agreement with Costamed.

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What can you bring to the Hospital?

Taking into account the total days of your hospital stay, you may consider the following items:

1. Sandals.

2. Deodorant.

3. Brush or comb and hair ties (women).

4. Moisturizing cream.

5. Change of clothes for your departure from the hospital. (Consider comfortable clothing) .

6. Socks.

7. Cell phone charger.

Do not forget taking into account additional clothes for the person who will stay will you in the room.

  • The Hospital is not responsible for the loss or damage of your personal property, including hearing aids, lenses or dentures left in your room.

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Our Specialists

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